What is POWERFORCE Technology?

Ace POWERFORCE is a new clutch line that offers drivers increased clutch performance without increasing clutch pedal effort. This technology comes from over 15 years experience designing and producing ultra high performance drag racing clutches for NHRA racers.

How do we do this?

Centrifugal Force. Our clutches increase plate load as the engine increases RPM. As the engine speeds up, our patented lever assist technology pushes down on the pressure plate increasing plate loads by 15% or more.

As the engine spins, forces are exerted outward; the same way spinning in a circle causes a person’s arms to raise from their side. Our levers experience the same force and the outer edge of the lever gets pulled away from the clutch as the engine spins faster. This causes the lever to rotate on a pivot point and push on the pressure plate resulting in a greater pressure plate load to help keep the clutch from slipping.

Centrifugal assistance combined with Ace’s superior friction materials on our heavy duty clutch discs, makes POWERFORCE the logical, affordable choice for towing and high performance applications.