NEW Self-Adjust Clutch

Freedom Series Self-Adjust Clutch

“Revolutionary Design Prevents Contamination and Will NOT Over Adjust”


During clutch disengagement, if release bearing travel is 1/2″ or less, no adjustment is necessary and the built-in loss motion window ensures optimal release bearing position.

When the clutch wears, release bearing travel increases beyond loss motion window and advances worm gear.  The worm gear then turns the adjusting ring to compensate for wear, repositioning the release bearing.

On clutch engagement, one way ratchet advances and restores the ideal lost motion window.


“We have been using this clutch for a year and a half in a heavy haul daily driver without having to adjust the clutch one time, where a truck under this type of load is typically adjusted every three to six months.”  W.Gahr, Gahr Truck and Equipment

“We at Jackson Ready Mix Concreate or running the new ACE self-adjusting clutch.  We are pleased with the results so far.  We have had it in service for six months, with no issues.  That is what we have hoped for.”  K. Fritz, Jackson Ready Mix


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